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Meg Wolitzer – Messages From Another Planet – Think Again – a Big Think Podcast #142

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Ambition and loyalty. What we want versus what we already have and should be grateful for. When there’s conflict here, in some ways it’s a tension between loyalty to others and loyalty to ourselves…or maybe loyalty to who we are now versus another possible future self. Have I overcomplicated my life out of impatience and ingratitude? Have I broken something precious beyond repair? Or on the other hand, am I missing out on the life I’m supposed to have? Sometimes I think a lot of the trouble comes from the misunderstanding that these have to be opposing forces at all. 

These kinds of questions and choices are at the heart of Meg Wolitzer’s novels, of which there are many. She’s the author of THE INTERESTINGS and her latest, THE FEMALE PERSUASION. 

Surprise conversation-starter clips in this episode

Tali Sharot on confirmation bias and why facts don’t win fights, 

Michelle Thaler on how success and failure coexist in everyone

Meg Wolitzer Quote: You know when you’re at home and you suddenly want to talk to a friend and you pick up the phone and call them, but you didn’t have anything in particular you needed to tell them and you don’t need to hear anything from them? You wanted a very specific thing that you can’t even necessarily articulate to yourself. You wanted that feeling of being with them. And that’s a thing that we often don’t pause to know what that is. And I think that when you lose a person…you’re losing a taste that’s so specific that you need a new name for it, like ‘umami’.

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